Quilled Christmas Tree Card

Is it really time to kick off the Christmas season? Wasn't it just the middle of summer?! I miss the warmth, but have to say it's kind of nice to live in this corner of the northern hemisphere where staying inside to make things goes hand in hand with the chilly holidays. Here's an idea for a unique Christmas card that would be a good design to try even if you're brand new to quilling.

Because the rolled coils are random sizes, there's no need to stress over them being exact. The card itself is a simple gate fold, meaning the short sides of a cardstock rectangle are folded in to meet at the center. The red, elongated triangle is glued to the left side only, so the flaps can be opened to reveal a greeting.

Quilled loose coils make nifty little ornaments. Roll a narrow strip of lightweight green/red paper, 1/8 inch wide, anywhere from two to seven inches in length, on a quilling tool or even a toothpick. Glue the end (a torn end blends in best), spread a little glue on the back of the coil, and randomly trim the tree. Tweezers are a huge help in handling quilling coils. To give the ornaments a bit of shine, dab one side in a metallic ink pad before gluing the opposite side to the card, or use specialty quilling paper with a gilded edge.

Make the tree trunk by rolling a loose coil and pinching it at two opposite points... this is a marquise shape. Rotate the marquise slightly and pinch again at two more points to create a rectangle.

I punched the gold metallic stars with a Fiskars three-way snowflake corner punch and used a Uniball gold gel pen for the lettering.

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Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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