Quilled Grapevine

Several readers have been asking to see more of my quilling - how nice are they?! I promise to do a better job of sharing what I make and today will be one of those days. It's just that I love to show a variety of paper artists and ideas, and always seem to be coming across something that makes me say "wow!"

This piece is perhaps a repeat for Yahoo quilling group members, but now is a good time to post it with harvest season wrapping up here in the U.S. and Thanksgiving quickly approaching.

Inspired by a graphic design in a CR Gibson memorial garden book that I inscribe for a local church, it came together in a weekend. I always say creating an original design takes me so much longer than actually doing the project itself, so here you are, proof of that - it was relatively quick.

To give the vine stiffness for easier handling, I held a few lengths of gold and silver ornament thread together, coated them with clear glue, and set the strand aside to dry completely before trying to work with it. Leaves were punched from a variety of metallic papers. I sketched the vase, cut it out, and ran it in a few directions through a paper crimper to create interesting texture.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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