Thumbprint Paper Cuttings

Noooo, relax... I'm not talking about the 'ouch' kind of paper cut. Instead, I'd like to show you a gift my son's girlfriend surprised him with for Christmas. She created this great pair of paper cuttings of their thumbprints.

Thumbprint paper cutting

Of course similar, but different!

Thumbprint paper cutting

Inspired by this lovely hand lettered fingerprint art that Arielle created with text, Jessica had the idea to try her hand at a paper cut version.

hand lettered fingerprint art

Cooperation in obtaining a thumbprint was the first essential step. Such a trusting guy, haha.... Bill had no idea what she was going to do with it.

fingerprint papercutting detail

Jess was new to paper cutting, but had done stenciling and rubber stamp making before, which basically use the same skills - a steady hand and patience. She found she really enjoyed it and plans to do more.

I really like the way she positioned each print over a photograph, as the colors add such a nice amount of interest.

fingerprint papercutting close up

Jessica then placed the pair in matching thrift store frames to which she applied a  nice matte gray finish.

framed papercut fingerprint

I'm thinking a personalized paper cutting would make a really nice gift any time of year!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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