Faux Metal Wall Art

Suzy Myers of Suzy's Artsy Crafty Sitcom is quite a character and a very creative one at that. You might remember her pretty paisley letter. While catching up on Suzy's blog recently, I couldn't believe my eyes! Perhaps you've already seen this picture, judging by the multitude of comments on her post, but if not, take a look... a good look...

Lovely, right? Store bought wrought iron wall decor with that popular southwestern vibe...

Not so fast.

Suzy used paper towel tubes and toilet paper rolls to create those amazingly realistic framed pieces!

To begin, she looked online for images of iron scroll work, and then created frames with strips of balsa wood. Suzy mimicked the iron curves by curling cross sections of tp rolls around a paint brush handle.

Each of the four pieces has a different design. Metal-look spray paint gives them the convincing patina of wrought iron. Here's the full tutorial.

Suzy has convinced me... I'm just going to have to start adding cardboard tubes to my craft stash!

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Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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