Folded Paper Bird

Last week I embarked on a new series... a simple post each Friday that shows an image of something during the week that delighted me, and I hope you also.

The husband emailed this photo of a snow bird to me when he was in Japan recently. He promises there are more paper-related pics on his camera, a few of which are sure to be fodder for a blog post. Will his idea of a great topic mesh with mine? We'll find out!

He thought it was pretty funny when I asked in all innocence if he had folded the bird. The short answer was no... it was a little gift from his host in Akita, but he did trudge outside in the twilight to photograph it, proving there's more than one way to express yourself creatively.

Speaking of origami birds, you might enjoy checking out the cool mobile that Allison is working on. Inspired by Vanille's colorful, rolled paper mobile, she's adding a folded crane for each pound she loses - a clever incentive to make reaching her goal weight even more satisfying.

Find excellent instructions to make a peace crane or flapping bird at and have a Fab Friday!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Delightful. Have a great weekend.

  2. Such a cute little bird! Love the new layout too, you are always such a great inspiration to me.

  3. I like it, very nice. That's a lovely picture too

  4. dear Ann,
    reading (and waiting for) your blog is even more interesting with the new look and the friday fab posts!
    thank you!!!

    steph in jakarta

  5. Oh I love this little bird. I have tried and tried to fold cranes but I am so poor with instructions. I need someone to show me!!!

    Enjoying your fab Fridays (even if it is Saturday :o) ~Molly

  6. That's beautiful Ann... remember doing origami as a kid..I

  7. Thanks everyone! Molly, I know what you mean - there are so many folds. YouTube has some crane videos - perhaps easier to follow since they can be paused while we do each step.


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