Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quilled Floral Basket Card

I finally feel like I have a license to post spring quilling projects now that our days are warming up here in the northeastern U.S. Birds are chirping and flower bulb greenery is poking its way out of the ground... good times!

This is a woven basket card that's actually a revamped version of one I made a few years ago for the Custom Quilling monthly newsletter. I just wasn't happy with the original result... the basket is such a chubby shape, it needed a bigger arrangement than my first design.

But now that I'm focusing on photos of this version, I have to say the flowers and leaves could still be widened more. Sometimes though, a "stick a fork in it - it's done" moment occurs, and this is one of those.

By the way, the chipboard basket is covered with yogurt foil. I've mentioned before how much I love that sturdy, textured stuff for card making projects.

As I remember, the background paper is one I printed out from this wallpaper site, which is fantastic! Open a sample book of any style paper you like, page through until you find a pattern that's just right, and print out a full-size sheet. Just please don't sell anything you make that has been decorated with papers you've printed out, as you could possibly be violating copyright laws.


  1. So Beautiful Ann. The flowers made from perfect V scrolls look great. The woven basket is such a nice idea -the foil with the strips stuck on it.I also like the soft colours you have used:)

  2. Ann, have you ever used Masa paper? A friend uses it in her collages to wonderful effect.

  3. Thank you, Suganthi!

    Maureen, no I haven't, but googled it - sounds interesting, thanks.

  4. Beautiful basket Anne.. almost seeming like spring here too finally.. yup love that yogurt
    have a great day..

  5. Shhhh! Don't say that word S P R I N G if we keep it quiet it might stay!

    Lovely card as usual, glad the wallpaper site is still useful, it certainly has served its time for us! Hope you and the guys are ok.
    Rosie x

  6. I think your flower basket from the wonderful art that is beautiful!
    Greetings Baukje

  7. Gorgeous and very elegant.
    the colors are lovely and pleasant.
    i v'e used sample wall papers as backing for cards .its a great fabulous idea of using yogurt foils .thanks for sharing.

  8. Very pretty and springy. I never would have guessed that you had used yogurt foil. It looks fabulous, I love the texture of it

  9. Yay for spring! And I'm so impressed by your many uses of yogurt foil!! :)

  10. Beautiful as usual.
    I love the yogurt lids myself.

  11. Oh, Ann. You and the yogurt foil were meant to be. So beautiful! And ingenious.

  12. Ann your basket of spring flowers is very pretty. I love your pastel shades and the way you have woven the green blue shades over the foil, which helps to distract from the vase proportions. The background paper compliments the design greatly.

  13. this is so pretty ann. i always enjoy looking at your work (and imagine your fingers working on the tiny tendrils and coils, having done it myself and admire how neatly you do it all!)... very cool idea for the background paper! you're right though, gotta be careful of those copyright laws.

    and ann, thanks so much for sharing that napoleon/daffodil story with me. it's always great to hear from you!

    now, yesterday it snowed. today, it rained. i think we're moving in the right direction. i'm so ready for spring and everything it will bring.

  14. Wow! I saw this on Craft Critique and just had to tell you how much I love it. It's gorgeous.

  15. Originality,delicate colours,accurate work :congratulations !!!

  16. stunning!!! awesome!!!


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