Quilled Floral Basket Card

I finally feel like I have a license to post spring quilling projects now that our days are warming up here in the northeastern U.S. Birds are chirping and flower bulb greenery is poking its way out of the ground... good times!

This is a woven basket card that's actually a revamped version of one I made a few years ago for the Custom Quilling monthly newsletter. I just wasn't happy with the original result... the basket is such a chubby shape, it needed a bigger arrangement than my first design.

But now that I'm focusing on photos of this version, I have to say the flowers and leaves could still be widened more. Sometimes though, a "stick a fork in it - it's done" moment occurs, and this is one of those.

By the way, the chipboard basket is covered with yogurt foil. I've mentioned before how much I love that sturdy, textured stuff for card making projects.

As I remember, the background paper is one I printed out from this wallpaper site, which is fantastic! Open a sample book of any style paper you like, page through until you find a pattern that's just right, and print out a full-size sheet. Just please don't sell anything you make that has been decorated with papers you've printed out, as you could possibly be violating copyright laws.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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