Crepe Paper Sweet Pea Tutorial

More crepe paper goodness today... I came across these eye-catching sweet peas on Teabytes, a Seattle paper crafter's blog. Such a bright, fresh color and the tendrils spiral just like the real thing. Tough as iron, those true sweet pea tendrils!

crepe paper sweet peas
Paper twist cording, floral tape, crepe paper rounds, and waxed twine are used to make the stems and delicate flowers. If you'd like to create some sweet peas of your own, this crepe paper sweet pea tutorial looks like it would do the trick (scroll down about halfway).

Fragrant sweet peas love cool sun (which always sounds like an oxymoron to me), thus they have a limited growing season here in the mid-Atlantic states. Our weather steams up fast once they start blooming in late spring, but now there's no reason not to have some on display all year long!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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