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Recently I visited Shelburne Museum in Vermont to see an exhibit titled Paperwork in 3D. Twenty three contemporary paper artists are featured, including well-known names such as Brian Dettmer, Hunter Stabler, and Robert Lang. What a thrill to come face to face with so many creative works I'd seen only in photos. Perhaps you remember a previous post about Nava Lubelski and her shredded Tax Files series. The very first pieces encountered inside beautiful Round Barn were Nava's! They were so much larger than I'd envisioned - nearly two feet in diameter, definitely giving the impression of ringed tree trunk slices as intended.


1999 Tax File
1999 Tax File, Nava Lubelski, shredded paper and glue, 2007


A bit about Shelburne... it's an unconventional museum, comprised of thirty nine exhibition spaces dotting forty five acres. (Considering the quantity of Vermont-made Ben and Jerry's consumed that weekend, it was good to walk a lot!) Other spaces utilized by the exhibit are a lighthouse and Kalkin House, a most unusual abode crafted from - believe it or not - a corrugated steel shipping container. 


studio-glow wall sconce
Wall Sconce, Riki Moss and Robert Ostermeyer of studio-glow, handmade abaca paper, embedded with monofilament, 2011


A phone camera doesn't do nearly enough justice to the art, but I'm happy to share with you at least this small fraction of what was on display. You might also check out Paperwork in 3D, an article in HandEye Magazine, which delves more deeply into the content of the exhibit. 


Schism Chasm Cataclysm
Schism Chasm Cataclysm, Lauren Clay, acrylic on cut paper, paper maché, acrylic, wire, wood, 2011
The Butterfly Gown V
The Butterfly Gown V, Bovey Lee, Chinese rice paper on silk, hand cut, 2010 
Heart Rage
Heart Rage, Michael Velliquette, paper, gator board, glue, 2010
This next beauty glowed in the dark!
Radiant Flux
Radiant Flux, Nami Yamamoto, handmade paper - abaca with phosphorescent powder, 2009
horse and moose
Alamo Stallion, Robert Lang, one uncut square of Origamido, 2002 Bull Moose, Robert Lang, two uncut squares of Korean hanji, 2003 
Slice, Jacqueline Rush Lee, manipulated book assemblage, date unknown
Chaos City
Chaos City, Béatrice Coron, cut Tyvek, 2010 
Poetic Justice
Poetic Justice, Robert Thé, altered book, 2003 
I loved Robert Thé's process explanation... the books he recovers from dumpsters and thrift stores are "lovingly vandalized back to life."
Shaker Style
Shaker Style, Robert Thé, altered book, 2003


I've saved pictures of perhaps my most favorite part of the exhibit for another day, so stay tuned for that. One last thing for now... sorry, make that two: The afternoon I was there, a drop-in class on paper quilling was available to families - how about that?! 


If you happen to be a fan of the TV show, Project Runway (like me), a gown by Season 4 winner Christian Siriano is the very first one you'll see upon entering In Fashion: High Style 1690-2011, another popular exhibit that's on display until October 30th when Shelburne closes for the season.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. so so amazing,all of them. The altered books are such clever ideas.

  2. The Shelbourne is one of my favorite places to visit, although I haven't been there in years. What a marvelous show this is. You highlighted some great selections. Looking forward to the next part.

  3. Fantastic! thank you for sharing.

  4. Wow fabulous creations. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love the horse and moose. Can't wait to see what you still have up your sleeve!

  6. Thank you Ann for every week giving me a new view into the of papercrafting.

  7. Wonderful, Ann. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Karren

  8. what a beautiful creation, I love it!
    Greetings Baukje

  9. Oh my, Ann! What a wonderful sight you got to see. I can only imagine. Thanks for the beautiful photos. Christian Siriano is my favorite all-time PR winner. I bet you wanted to come home and work with paper after your visit!

  10. Hi, I launched artsee bloggers and wanted to know if the photos from the exhibit all yours? If so, may I repost the content of this article and photos with a link back to your blog on I thought it was very interesting and think the other members will as well. Thanks!

  11. Very cool collection! Love "Heart Rage" ~ so vibrant and dimensional!

  12. Wow, fantastic paper work. Thanks for sharing your visit and for being on artsee so I could find you. xox Corrine


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