Friday, September 2, 2011

Altered Book Sculptures - Kenjio

Just when I think I've seen everything imaginable in the realm of altered books...

Thinker under Tree

Daniel Lai is a Chinese artist who grew up in Malaysia and now resides in Tennessee. He creates his intriguing art pieces during study breaks... Daniel is currently working toward a Ph.D. in Criminology, and has degrees in Linguistics and Art Studies/Art History as well.

A veritable army of cleverly positioned clay Thinkers can be seen in Daniel's Etsy shop, Kenjio. He describes the sculptures as a "reflection of the contemplation of new knowledge." Something tells me Daniel is speaking from personal experience considering his degree interests!

If you have a moment, I think you'll enjoy this short video in which he explains his process and demonstrates altering a book.


  1. So very creative ! The video and his etsy shop both so amazing. My favourite would be the folded tree.

  2. Wow! The video was way too short, I could watch him demo all day! Such talent as shown in his Etsy store. Love the blue book sculpture. Thanks Ann for a fab find :)

  3. So neat!
    I took an old book and glued the pages like that... (oy, don't know the technical paper-artist term!) and I use it to hold business cards and notes on my desk!

  4. Marvelous work. I agree with Molly; I wanted to see more in the video. I like how attentive he is to how the books are printed and how they "speak" to him. He has a wonderfully intuitive sense of composition.

    His glass work is also worth a look. Glad I visited the Etsy page, too.

  5. a wonderful creation, I love it!
    Greetings Baukje

  6. So cool! I wonder if he needs anymore books. I happen to have uncovered a few more boxes of them...

  7. so clever! thanks for sharing. i saw it less as a tree and more as angel wings at first, but i see the tree now. very cute.

  8. Lovely book art, I guess everyone tried out the folded paper back in school days....but I never thought it would actually look so nice!


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