Friday, September 30, 2011

Origami Leaf Card

The same way grass is greener on the other side of the fence, paper shops on the opposite side of the country look extra enticing to me. Case in point, Paper Zone, a small chain of stores in Oregon and Washington. I'd love to visit in person, but meanwhile, I'm following Paper Zone's blog that features all sorts of paper crafting ideas.


In celebration of a new line of two-sided origami paper, store employee Malyse posted a tutorial (sadly no longer available) for these gorgeous autumn leaf cards. More like a tri-fold letter than a card, they're honestly not difficult to make - and you can trust origami-challenged me when I say that.

I gave this cherry blossom card to my sister for her birthday and used Malyse's instructions to create a vellum enclosure. I liked the way the Asian-inspired card design was complemented by the leaf.

A little tip - make the accordion folds quite close together as Malyse did, for the prettiest result.Link


  1. Lovely. What a delight to receive a card like this in the mail.

  2. Lovely!! The paper has such a rich look. The tutorial looks easy Ann and I am tempted to try too.

  3. very appealing; will definately give it a go. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love my card, Ann. I looked forward to receiving another work of art from you and was not disappointed. It was a great birthday. Thank you.

  5. those are really pretty. I'm going to have to go over and check them out

  6. those are very pretty. i would open them with a lot of care, too pretty to rip into!

    i'm a bit origami-challenged myself, usually getting up to step 12 in a 15 step project and ending up with something that has far too many creases/tears than what the diagrams show ;)

  7. Wow I used to be wonderful at origami but I guess I gave it up for quilling. I'm gonna try that some time it looks real pretty.

    BTW visit my awareness site by clicking on my name

  8. These are gorgeous cards! Thanks for telling us about Paper Zone. Though I do particularly like the soft colors of your cherry blossoms card. Very pretty. :)


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