Pixelated Watercolor Wall Art

Amanda Wright, a designer of "stylish-y quirky" greeting cards and paper goods at Wit and Whistle [edit: site no longer available] in North Carolina, has shared a tutorial that shows how she created this very cool, pixelated painting.
Subdued-color pixelated watercolor art clipped to wall

I'm crazy about it... both the soothing colors and the concept, not to mention I can relate to what she said about doing the actual watercoloring: "I gravitate toward time consuming, monotonous tasks (especially when they provide a beautiful end result), so I thoroughly enjoyed the process."

You really need to see what inspired the painting to completely appreciate it, so yes, I'm foregoing my Fab-Friday-one pic-only mantra.

Amanda was editing photos from a trip to Iceland and mistakenly scaled down an image to just fifteen pixels wide. Truly a lucky accident, she liked what she saw and grabbed her watercolors.

The painting reminds me in the best possible way of the pixelated fabrics, furniture, and fashions of artist/designer Cristian Zuzunaga, whose work I had admired in the NYTimes Style Magazine not an hour before seeing Amanda's post. Kismet!

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Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Loved the creative concept and loved the blog too....


  2. This is fabulous Ann , and thanks for the link to the tutorial. It looks simple, may be I will try this.

  3. Congratulations what a beautiful creation, I love it
    Greetings Baukje

  4. an interesting concept most definately; serene, muted colour tones there. Very pleasing to the eye.

  5. I love it when accidents turn out to be something wonderful. This is really cool


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