Quilled Reindeer from Wintergreen Design

I don't know where I first came across Christa Cunningham's quilled 3D figures, but I do remember it was during the heat of the summer. As cute as they are, it's no wonder they've stayed on my mind all this time, just waiting to share when the calendar had moved a little closer to the holidays.

Quilled reindeer

There's something so endearing about this little reindeer's big antlers and nose, not to mention the jaunty wreath around his neck.

Christa credits her mother with getting her started on quilling a couple of years ago after they saw quilled ornaments at a craft show. This led to her mom giving her a stash of supplies. Christa has been making original ornaments ever since and sells them via her Etsy shop, Wintergreen Design [no items listed at this time] She's created a collection of quilled Santas, elves, and angels.

I'll be back in just a moment with Part Deux of today's post - a very quick giveaway for those of you with an interest in digital die cutting.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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