Make: Rolled Paper Pendants

While trying to think of new ways to introduce quilling to all ages at a craft demonstration, I had the idea of rolling and stacking discs to make necklace pendants... it would be easy to do and by using a wide variety of colorful paper strips, I hoped they would appeal to children and adults alike.

Metallic paper pendants

I'm picturing young girls making them at a crafty-themed birthday party or as holiday presents for their friends. They could also be a mother-daughter project some weekend afternoon.

For the trio above I used metallic quilling paper in jewel tones which really dresses them up. A variety of pendant shapes can be clustered on a necklace or dangled from a backpack keychain. They'd even work well as miniature tree ornaments.

Striped buoy paper pendant

This colors of this one make me think of summer and striped buoys at boating events that mark the race lines. A complete tutorial can be found at Makezine.

Happy Halloween! Here's a little something appropriate for the occasion - and I do mean teeny-tiny. Erica of Elated Life saw the post about paper eyelashes a while ago and decided to try making some with her die cutter to wear as part of her costume. It worked perfectly - here she is modeling the starry-eyed results - cute!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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