Quilled Bird Thank You Card

Quilling and birds often seem to go together. I've enjoyed making quite a few and have seen real beauties that lots of others have created. Because of the color variations and feathery details, it's no wonder birds are so popular in the quilling world.


All that said, here's a very simple one that would be good to whip up when time is limited, yet you're determined to send a handmade card. It's just a pinched ring coil with the addition of teardrop wings. Sit him on a curved strip and quill a few leaves. There you go! Add a sticker and a couple strips of washi tape - love that stuff - as an accent at the top and bottom of the background paper.

The full tutorial can be found in November's CardMaker Magazine where there's a whole section on using aqua as an accent color. Check out the little stamped tree on the cover - wouldn't it be great as a quilled design? Come to think of it, my bird could be adapted as a dove of peace... hmm, the wheels are beginning to turn as to what I'll do for Christmas cards this year!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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