Wrapping Paper Fashions

Recently via Twitter I was introduced to Vivid Wrap Ltd., located in Bath, England. The company's decorative papers are gorgeous, and yes, printed in such bright and beautiful colors, the name is an apt description.

Created by Professor Marjorie Lee Woo

While checking out the Vivid Wrap Facebook page, I was delighted to come across photos of paper fashions created by professors and students from the LIM College of Fashion and Visual Merchandising in New York.

Created by Alexis & Lisa Michaelides

They used Vivid Wrap to create couture apparel for the first Paper Runway competition sponsored by Kate's Paperie at the National Stationery Show this past May.


Vivid's papers are handmade in India from recycled cotton that is screen printed, also by hand, with water-based inks.

Created by Edin Guiron

After many years of working for Hallmark, Steve Williams launched Vivid Wrap in 2007. Gift wrap, bags, and boxes are stocked in fine British stores and museum shops, and the company is expanding to outlets in the U.S., Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Created by Gina Mercatili

In the video [edit: no longer available] you'll see Vivid papers being created... it's a fascinating process to watch, and as an avid piano jazz fan, I have to say I sat back and enjoyed the music too. A nice little break at this busy time of year.

photo credit: Steve Williams
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