Book Sculpture Valentines

You might remember the captivating birds that book sculptor and photographer, Bronia Sawyer (site and images no longer available), created from cut and folded pages. They went on to a gallery in Beverly Hills after being noticed here - not too shabby! Her newest work is a Valentine-themed collection for the windows of Waterstones Booksellers in Solihull, England.

Bronia and I stay in touch across the ocean via Twitter (@BroniaSawyer). She's currently preparing pieces for a gallery in Belgium, the Heart Gallery in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, and the Solihull Art Complex. There's also an upcoming exhibition in Leamington Spa, England with her brother who paints, and she's planning another stop motion film in the style of the short animation on her website. Busy gal!

And yes, Fab Friday is supposed to be just one photo that especially caught my eye during the week, but I simply couldn't decide... each is romantic and alluring.

All Things Paper Facebook links this past week included:

Siba Sihabi's latest work, Istanbul Twilight, is rolled felt instead of rolled wallpaper, but equally stunning.

These sparkly jewel cardboard rings look like fun and what a clever name, Tiphony, ha!

Lastly, the folks at the lovely blog, Omiyage, kindly featured a roundup of my Valentine tutorials.

Enjoy the weekend!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Marvelous! What a charming Website, too. So much there to like.

  2. Really fabulous!!. Both the photos look great.

  3. moi, je plie aussi des livres mais je ne les coupe jamais

  4. So pretty! Have a great weekend!

  5. So glad you shared both photos. Amazing work, so inspiring. She IS a busy lady. Now to go check out the rest of your links. Thanks!
    hugs xo

  6. Congratulations to Bronia!! I am so pleased to hear that her artworks are being shown in galleries around the world!!! I love Bronia's birds and I love her new Valentine's Day pieces too!! I look forward to seeing more of Bronia's art pieces.

    Congrats also to you Ann for your tut on Omiyage. Great pics and instructions.



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