Wednesday, January 11, 2012

PaperGraphic - Natasha Molotkova

Because quilled lettering is such a frequent search term here at ATP, I'm pretty certain lots of you will enjoy seeing the perfectly executed designs of Natasha Molotkova.

Papergraphic January

While browsing Pinterest, my eyes were drawn to detailed paper typography ... Yulia Brodskaya's work, perhaps? No, it was an eye-catching piece created by Natasha.

Papergraphic one life

Originally from the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, she was drawn to quilling after stumbling upon the art at university in England, (she's a recent graduate of a joint program of the University of Worcester and Worcester College of Technology) and remembers thinking how interesting it was.

Papergraphic company logo

I asked Natasha to tell us about herself and her interest in quilling.

"I studied fine arts in Russia and worked in the graphics department of a national newspaper. My degree program in England focused on fashion, textiles, and clothing construction, as well as a large element of general surface design. I was immediately taken by it (embroidery, felting, fabric printing, paper making, etc.) and especially surface design as applied to paper. I was curious if quilling could be combined with methods from traditional painting and drawing."

Papergraphic windy

"I was inspired by the work of Yulia Brodskaya - isn't everybody? - and I practiced until I could produce work of a similar standard. I sketch the designs first, and then cut my own quilling strips and/or produce my own paper before applying these to the sketch. All of my quilling is done using a traditional approach."

Papergraphic apple

Natasha has already put her education to use by forming her own company, PaperGraphic, which is based in Worcestershire. She provides original artwork, but is also adept at taking an existing concept - a company logo, for example - and using it to create a dimensional quilled or "PaperGraphic" display.


  1. I have a lot of trouble making letters well. That's what fascinates me so much about these women. I'm missing some important clue on how to do it I think.

  2. Yay! That is stunning! New and fresh look! Try to be as good as my Slavic neighbours!

  3. Carrie, maybe this link will help you if you haven't already come across it. Kara of Craftastical posted a really good lettering tutorial:

    Kate, your quilling is awesome! There's obviously a shared quilling gene in your corner of the world. :)

  4. Such a treat to see Natasha's work. Another great find Ann!! I can't have enough of her work. Really really inspiring.

  5. My eyes are in quilling heaven! So beautiful, thanks for sharing these, Ann :)

  6. Wow. Truly a beautiful mix of photography and typography as an art form. I'll be bookmarking Natasha's work.

  7. Ann, thank you very much! But I am so far from the perfect quilling!

  8. WOW! it is great
    Greetings Baukje

  9. amazing pieces the preciseness in all the details are mind boggling

  10. All I can say is WOW!

    That. Is. like candy for the eyes. :)

    AMAZING! Thanks for sharing, Ann. :)

  11. Delightful work! The skill, concept, sense of design, sense of fun - it's all there.

  12. I never, ever get tired of looking at this kind of art! It's lovely!

  13. Ann, Natasha's work is truly inspiring! Fantastic to see more handcrafted quilling, I can't get enough of it!

  14. So pretty! I love all the colors, and I especially love the sprigs of evergreens in the first one. :)


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