Paper Maché Vessels - Susan Dwyer

It's kind of crazy just how much I enjoy coming across unusual handmade paper bowls. This collection is delightfully elegant, and I would imagine, nearly as light as air.

aqua paper mache bowl

Artist Susan Dwyer of Chicago uses thin strips of recycled and repurposed paper along with wheat paste to create the ethereal beauties.

vivid yellow paper mache bowl

She brings dimension to the vessels by applying vivid rubber to the interior or surface color via a dipping method.

peach paper mache vessel

Their refined lines argue well against the thick, rough image that typically comes to mind upon hearing the term paper maché. In fact, this pair reminds me of gently cracked eggshells, albeit ones that have been turned inside out!

pair of large and small aqua paper mache bowls

Susan also creates stylish ceramic pieces for the home, and shows her sculptural work at

Ann Martin
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