Washi Tape Easter Egg Card Tutorial

Spring is about to be sprung here in the northeastern U.S. and I'm so ready! Birds were chirping before it was even light this morning and pretty soon nest building will begin in earnest. To welcome the season and/or Easter if you celebrate the day, here's a handmade springtime card that makes use of super-popular Japanese washi tape.

Washi tape Easter egg card tutorial

It's a breeze to do and honestly doesn't need step-by-step photos, so let me just talk you through it...


Square card blank - glossy white (mine measures 5.5 x 5.5 inches)
Cardstock - turquoise and white
Washi tape - three pastel colors
Egg shape clip art
Foam adhesive dots
Glue stick or double-sided tape
Printer, printer paper

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1. Google "Easter egg clip art" and print out an egg image in a size that's right for your card. Trace it three times on white cardstock and cut out the eggs.

2. Use a few colors of translucent washi tape to decorate the eggs so that each one is different, overlapping the tape randomly in stripes for two of the eggs and snipped angles for the third. Trim around the eggs after the tape is in place to tidy the edges.

Washi tape Easter egg card tutorial

3. Apply washi tape to the blank card in a crisscross pattern starting at an upper corner, working outward in each direction so the stripes are evenly spaced. For the overlapping stripes, begin at the opposite corner and repeat the process. You can use a ruler, but there's a lot to be said for eyeballing. :)

4. Cut a 3 1/4 inch square of white cardstock and a square of turquoise cardstock that's slightly smaller than the white. Apply the turquoise square to the white one using a glue stick or double-sided tape. Apply foam dots to the back of the white square and adhere it to the card center.

5. Apply a few foam dots to the back of each egg and arrange them on the turquoise square. And you're done!

washi tape

A lovely person/stationery designer I met on Twitter sent the washi tape to me as a little present. Since then I came across Etsy shop, Pretty Tape; I haven't placed an order yet so this isn't an official recommendation, but wow, does it have a huge selection of colors and prints. I had no idea there are so many choices!
washi tape

Tape images: Pretty Tape
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