Leaf-its and an Announcement!

This pretty image of ginkgo leaves caught my eye on Design Boom. Surprise, surprise, they aren't true leaves at all despite the shaded colors that make them look positively real. Leaf-its, as they are called, are pages torn from little paper tablets (similar to those ubiquitous sticky notes we all know and love) that not only can be used for writing memos, but also for a bit of desk or wall decorating. Designed by Sangwoo Nam of Korea, the company is Appree. Find Leaf-it decor ideas in the site's Archive section.

Leaf-it Notes

Allow me to change the subject from note pages to book pages... yes, All Things Paper in book form! I'm delighted to share the news that just this week I submitted a paper crafting manuscript to Tuttle Publishing. I've brought together eighteen talented paper artisans from around the world to create brand new, exciting designs. Due to be released in 2013, All Things Paper (working title) features stylish and purposeful projects that are beautifully photographed and carefully detailed, step-by-step. You'll find novel ideas for paper cutting, folding, painting, printing, punching, rolling, shaping, stamping, stitching, and even crocheting - whew! I'll be sure to let you know the moment it's available.

Facebook Finds this past week included:

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Enjoy the weekend!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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