Etsy Shops: Zipper 8 Lighting, The La Plata, and More!

It's time to introduce April sponsors... pretty pictures ahead!

You might remember Allison Patrick from past All Things Paper features. She has a knack for creating designs with a wow factor, and to prove it, here are a few of the newest lamps in her shop, Zipper 8 Lighting [edit: renamed Aster and Quail]

Cocktail Umbrella Lampshade
Cocktail umbrellas!

Punched Flower Lampshade
Punched flowers!

Soda Can Tab Lampshade
Soda can pull tabs!

The La Plata [edit: renamed Vidarisa Jewelry] is a brand new shop owned by Melina Szapiro. Her necklaces and earrings feature bold geometics that are up-to-the-minute stylish. Melina texturizes cold porcelain clay against letterpress metal plates and hand paints it with acrylics.

Chevron Indigo Necklace
Chevron Indigo Necklace

Radial Necklace
Radial Necklace

Geometric Earrings
Geometric square post earrings

Returning sponsors include Meg Bollinger of Calyrew who creates gorgeous handmade paper and applies it to useful items. This vivid coat rack would be a unique shower or wedding gift, and also perfect for Mother's or Father's Day.

Handmade Paper Coat Rack

Sweet Spot Card Shop returns this month too. There's always something delightful and fun happening in Sandy Diaz's store, be it cards or jewelry. How about some quilled sushi with your wasabi?!

Quilled Sushi Card

Brenda Kee fills her shop, bstudio, with little lovelies. Here she's created a silk ribbon dragonfly and cattail scene on a sweet burlap pillow - perfect for a summer wedding in the country. As Beyoncé would suggest, Put a Ring on It!

Dragonfly Ring Pillow

I'll enjoy dropping in on these shops throughout the month to see what's new, and I hope you will too.
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Really pretty pictures.And such lovely things in the shops.

  2. What a lovely post! Thanks Ann! I'm in awe with the work of your other sponsors!

  3. Who could possibly cover Tp that coat rack with a.coat!? Lol

  4. Up, UP! NOT Tp, darn text prediction!

  5. Amazing and exciting features for Spring!


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