Handmade Torn Paper Wedding Card

Wedding season is here! Of course any month can be the perfect time and I find it fun to keep an eye on popular color palettes, fashion, and decorating trends, down to the smallest detail.

personalized torn paper watercolor wedding card

To my way of thinking, this extra large card created by Chelsea Ward of Notional Notions [update: now called Sketchy Notions] brings together all that's special about a springtime wedding. Beautifully combined light, but earthy colors with rich textures, torn layers of paper, stitching, casual hand lettering, and sheer tulle overlays add up to make an art piece that's deserving of a frame.

Allow me to sneak an extra photo into this Fab Friday/one pic post to show the full effect. I'm betting the couple will love it!

Chelsea studied studio art in college and then moved to Italy where she developed a love of watercolor painting. She's now back in California where she's focusing on writing and illustrating children's books... see several delightful stories on her website. Multi-talented Chelsea also makes personalized altered books and recently launched a line of clever pearl snap earrings and bracelets, available in her Etsy shop.

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Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all moms who happen to read these words!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. I've always loved the watercolor effect! This card is definitely frame-able. :-)

  2. The illustrations on Ward's Website are delightful. Lots of talent there.

  3. these are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful card! The torn paper does make the whole card look like a landscape painting.


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