Personalized Papercuts by Lisa Isaacs

I don't remember how or when I happened upon Lisa Isaac's blog, Handmade in Israel, but I do know I enjoy her posts. Even as a young child, Lisa was sure an art career was in her future as she has always been busy with her hands and making things. In addition to sharing her latest paper cutting projects on the blog, Lisa features events, holidays, local foods and flora, and trips taken with her family to interesting Israeli locations.

Papercut Bar Mitzvah Card

She has a degree in Graphic Design from John Moores University in Liverpool and worked as a graphic designer and art director before her children came along, all the while making special cards to send to family and friends. Lisa approached a local store that immediately took on her cards, and has been cutting and sticking bits of paper ever since. A special niche is personalized Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah albums. She goes to great lengths to incorporate the child's interests on the cover and pages.

Papercut Bar Mitzvah Album Pages

Because her work looks so precise, you might suspect Lisa relies heavily on a die cutting system, but this is not the case. "All my cutting is by hand, apart from the occasional use of flowers and stars for which I have punches. I use a scalpel - the same one I have had since college - and a large pair of scissors. People often expect me to have all kinds of fancy equipment on my desk, but it's really nothing more than that!"

Papercut Bar Mitzvah Album

"I start my designs by making a rough sketch. I am by no means an illustrator, but am not bad at drawing. I've made my own templates for all kinds of things by now too, and use them as well. I have my trademark round head with the little sticky-out ears in many different sizes!"

Papercut Scrabble Card

Lisa also creates cards, albums, and pictures for weddings or any special occasion... as examples, this card for a birthday boy who loves the game of Scrabble and a simply adorable dog that would be cute in a nursery.

Papercut Dog

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