Geometric Paper Cutting by Sarah Louise Matthews

A feature about the geometric paper art of Sarah Louise Matthews caught my eye recently at Anthology Magazine causing me to head straight to Sarah's website and Etsy shop to ogle everything she makes. I love the uniqueness and soft, two color palette of this die cut and hand folded Aztec wall hanging that is meant to be framed. It's just one of several similar, but different designs she's created.

Aztec Papercut

With a degree in Textile Surface Design. Sarah is passionate about paper manipulation and drawing. While at Buckinghamshire New University in England, she did a lot of paper cutting by hand. In fact, her senior project was an intriguing collection of paper jewelry that she cut, folded, creased, slotted, and pleated. Recently Sarah worked as an assistant designer with Sarah Kelly of Saloukee whose paper jewelry has been featured here at ATP a couple of times... small world!

Facebook Paper Finds this past week included:

Try your hand at paper cutting
A most incredible mandala

With the holiday falling in the middle of the week, yesterday felt like Monday, so all of the sudden it's practically the weekend... funny how that works - I like it! Have a great one!
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Ann Martin

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  1. Her paper cuts are really lovely.The mandala is truly incredible.

  2. Love it! It reminds me of the many kilims I have around my house (and in storage in the workshop, a clear sign I have too many of them!).


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