Paper Collage - Laura Carraro

Weekends... so nice! We met up with friends in Tarrytown, New York one recent Friday night. Not only was I looking forward to seeing them, but when making a dinner reservation, I noticed on the restaurant's website that the walls would be graced with paper collages by Laura Carraro.

Timid Lady

What were the odds that the place we chose would be featuring paper art? Perfect... this next collage could be me caught in that happy moment - ha!

Paper Collage
(ooh look, the case of amazing desserts is reflected in the glass)

Using handmade paper sourced from art stores and found scraps, Laura captures simple moments in time.

Paper Collage

Man with Flowers

A keen people watcher, she holds a memory in her mind until fingers and scissors translate it into cut paper form.

Paper Collage

Each collage conveys body language and nuanced mannerisms. Laura says she especially enjoys recreating a person who is unaware that he/she has been observed.


I asked Laura how she became interested in paper art:


"I'm not a trained artist. I come from one of those artsy families; we made our own decorations for our Christmas tree every year and spent hours painting rocks on vacation. You know the type. When I was eleven I cut up my mother's Con Edison bill with her good sewing scissors while talking on the phone with a friend."



"It never occurred to me that I was an artist while I was attending college. I chose to be a Creative Writing major with journalistic ambitions. So now I call myself a 'self-taught' artist and am currently working with a business partner on developing a line of Tear It Up cards that's almost finished."

Paper Collage

"Our first one is a Mother's Day card, as seen on my website."
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Her work is delightful! She has really caught the characters in their 'moment'. I especially love the hair!

  2. So charming and full of human-ness, not easy to capture in paper like this. A delight to see!

  3. How delightful are these !!I love the mother's day card. Thanks for so many pictures Ann, Really enjoyed all of them.

  4. It's funny to see mulberry paper used so well. I feel in love with it 15 years ago and still have some in my stash but I hate it know. I never thought to use it as a texture like hair or a fuzzy dress. It look terrific.

  5. Congrats to Laura!! I love Laura's figures and their expressions...not easy to capture with paper!!
    How exciting for you Ann to see Laura's artwork up close!!

  6. Great artwork !! Laura, I put your site to my favorites. I hope you will make a book with your paper cut art illustrations for those who have not enough money to buy the originals.
    Greetings from Germany
    Falk Keuten
    PS: Maybe you know this great collage book from Tomi Ungerer "Schnipp Schnapp"

  7. Thank you Ann, the pictures were delightful.

  8. I'm glad you all enjoyed seeing Laura's work. Danee, I agree... she uses mulberry paper so well!

  9. Lovely! The one of the little boy holding the frog really cracks me up! :)


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