Origami Peace Crane Mobile by AMG Design Studio

From bold origami jewelry earlier in the week to a delicate origami mobile today...

AnnMarie Gallivan describes herself as a lifelong student of art and a practitioner of yoga and meditation for the past ten years. She enjoys creating a variety of ethereal mobiles that feature layered paper blossoms and perfectly suspended origami cranes. I think it's safe to say making mobiles is part of her meditative process.

Origami Crane Mobile

This particular tranquility-inducing beauty is AnnMarie's interpretation of the Japanese cherry blossom tree. It features Swarovski crystals, pearls, and hand painted and gilded leaves, along with folded flowers, cranes, and butterflies.

Find AnnMarie via her website, Etsy shop, and Facebook.

Here's what's been happening on the ATP Facebook page this week:

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I'm looking forward to spending time outside again this weekend now that our heat wave has broken, and hope it's nice where you are too. Have a lovely one!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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