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Another month has flown by... where do they go?! A few commenters have mentioned how much they enjoy these posts that showcase ATP's sponsors. I hope you'll agree that scrolling through pretty pictures of their products and handmade wares is a nice change of pace every now and then.

Divine Twine

First up is Wrap and Revel [edit: now Paper and Present] where Melissa Bilyeu stocks a huge selection of stylish items in many colors that are not easily found in brick and mortar stores... twine, ribbon, bags, boxes, washi tape, stickers, tiny clothespins, doilies, etc., etc.

Twill Ribbon

Whew! I can't imagine how she keeps it all organized, but from personal experience I've found her products to be top-notch, plus they arrive perfectly packaged.

Chevron Bags

Sara Tejada of Inkprint Letterpress [edit: now closed] creates gorgeous wedding invitations, cards, product hang tags, and other stationery delights on her Chandler and Price press.

Letterpress Hangtag

As a graphic designer, she'll work with you to achieve exactly the look you have in mind.

Letterpress Wedding Invitation

I love the way the lines of the wire mannequin on these flat cards are complemented by such a snazzy envelope!

Letterpress Mannequin Note Cards

Sarah Yakawonis's Society 6 shop [now closed] is where you'll find customizable quilled designs.

Quilled H Monogram

Perhaps have one of Sarah's ornate initials turned into an art print, stationery, or a skin for your iPhone or iPod.

Quilled iPhone Monogram

Another cool idea.... she offers unique anatomical quilling.

Quilled Head

Linda Thalmann's PaperPhine shop is where you'll find the very best variety of paper yarns and twines. Linda offers items made from them as well... for example, these hand-crocheted paper yarn beads are ready to be strung on a pretty ribbon and worn as a necklace... perhaps the easiest gift you'll ever make!
Eye-catching paper string is sold on vintage braider's bobbins.


Just looking at these vividly colored twines starts my wheels turning... knitting, weaving, gift wrapping, ornament and jewelry making - fun!
Graphic designer Brooke Rasmussen of Brookeshore Designer Stationery [edit: no longer available] creates bright and beachy note cards inspired by her state of sunny California.

Slippers Note Cards

She prints cute cards for young children and sports-themed styles for older kids, all of which can be personalized with a name.

Skate Note Cards

I'm pretty positive that Brooke's roles as mom, teacher, and stationery designer mean she's in full support of handwritten thank you notes!


As always, if you need a special gift or just want to treat yourself, I hope you'll keep these shops in mind.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Everything its beautiful =) thanks for the tips =)

  2. a selection of awesome items. Paper twine, now that is something I've never seen before.

  3. Beautiful shops.Still amazed by sarah's quilled brain.

  4. Would love to play with the paper twine, looks very interesting.
    Nice to see Sarah's work showcased.
    Thank you Ann.

  5. Wow, they are all so talented! I am so impressed. I will definitely be making some orders today ;)

  6. I'm much impressed by ur crafts,they r so easy and creative!!!I want to award u the Liebster Blog award :) and i'm so happy to announce tis to all!!!


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