Giant Paper Flower - Michele Tremblay

Michele Tremblay, a fine art painter and previously an event and installation designer in Philadelphia, has turned her attention wholeheartedly to large-scale paper flower sculpture. [edit: Sadly, Michele passed away in 2022.]

watercolor vellum flower


To create Party Pretty, a deliciously colored beauty, Michele used acid-free vellum, archival glue, and watercolors. See many paper flower examples, including three enormous all-white blooms, on her website or visit Millésimé, a lifestyle store and showroom in Philly and Noyes Gallery in Hammonton, New Jersey.

All Things Paper Facebook Finds this week included:

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A cardboard deer head template
New paper twine flowers from PaperPhine
A rainbow colored paper lantern to make

Have a lovely weekend!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. I can't stop admiring this beautiful flower. The water colour strokes enhances the beauty of this large flower. I so enjoyed all her flowers on her facebook page.

  2. Wow awesome. Luv this.


  3. It's truly beautiful. what a gift you have. You could give those as gifts

  4. Beautiful color and beautiful design!!!

  5. This flower is gorgeous. I thought it was tissue at first until I read vellum and looked closely. But her white flowers, OMG! 45 inches, I cannot imagine and would love to see in person.

    Happy weekend, Ann! xo

  6. This is really lovely, Ann! And it is nice to see the work of a local artist from back home!

  7. so beautiful! what a great statement piece for a guest room or office. I would love a white and red one for my kitchen Michele :)

  8. Ann, I enjoyed checking out Michele's stunning large white flowers at her blog!! Michele, how do you rip paper so delicately? The rip gives another dimension to the flower which is very appealing to me. They are gorgeous!!


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