Paper Maché Still Life

People sometimes ask why I blog... quite honestly it's because I enjoy having a place to share those "Hey, look at this!" moments. For example....

paper mache fruit and vessels

While clicking around Flickr, Luiza Hentz's hand sculpted Fruteira e Vasos stopped me in my tracks. The glowing colors and graceful shapes brought Vermeer paintings to mind.

And no, the fruit and vessels aren't ceramic even though that might be what you're thinking. Luiza, who lives in Brazil, does ceramic art too, but in this case she worked with paper maché. She started creating with paper a long time ago, and finds satisfaction in recycling old packaging to compose beautiful new objects.

Luiza makes art dolls from paper too. See more of her photos on Flickr and Facebook.

The weekend is nearly here; have a great one!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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