Eye-Catching Layered Circles Ornament Tutorial

To continue the theme of the previous post about paper lantern centerpieces, Allison Patrick of Aster + Quail sent over this idea for using the very same technique to make Christmas - or anytime - ornaments. Brilliant and so cute. They remind me of artichokes! I  love the way she's hung some in her apartment entryway on bare branches. I'd leave them up all winter as a sign of spring to come.

Layered Floral Paper Circles Artichoke Ornament

To make one of your own, Allie suggests first drawing guidelines by eye around a plastic ball ornament with a Sharpie marker. Punch 1-inch circles from a flower painting book as she did, or use any colorful images printed on heavyweight paper. Adhere circles bottom to top using a glue gun.

This would be a great project for breathing new life into (onto, rather!) discolored Christmas balls you haven't had the heart to throw away. And it won't be long until gardening catalogs start arriving in the mail, so there's a good resource for pretty flower pictures.

Now I'm in the mood to craft!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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