Folded Paper Star Tutorials

I've been noticing lots of pretty handmade stars around the interwebs recently which brought to mind others shown here in the past, so I decided to have a little fun by bringing them together in a collage.

As we hurtle into the season of decorating, perhaps you'll be inspired to give one or more a try.


1. Window star 2. 3D folded star 3. Star lantern 4. Dimensional stars in a faceted vase 5. Origami stars 6. Puff Star

I'd like to wish my American readers a wonderful Thanksgiving complete with family, friends, and a delicious dinner. But first let me say how grateful I am for all of you who visit here, no matter where in the world you live. Your comments and emails always mean a lot, and it's so nice to know others share my enthusiasm for all things paper!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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