Folded Paper Star Tutorials

I've been noticing lots of pretty handmade stars around the interwebs recently which brought to mind others shown here in the past, so I decided to have a little fun by bringing them together in a collage.

As we hurtle into the season of decorating, perhaps you'll be inspired to give one or more a try.


1. Window star 2. 3D folded star 3. Star lantern 4. Dimensional stars in a faceted vase 5. Origami stars 6. Puff Star

I'd like to wish my American readers a wonderful Thanksgiving complete with family, friends, and a delicious dinner. But first let me say how grateful I am for all of you who visit here, no matter where in the world you live. Your comments and emails always mean a lot, and it's so nice to know others share my enthusiasm for all things paper!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Beautiful stars. I especially love number 6.

    Thank you for all the wonderful information, inspiration and guidance you give through this blog. Have a Happy Holiday.

  2. I love Christmas stars but am so horrible at any kind of paper folding. #1 looks doable from looking at the tutorial. I've posted your collage on my Tumblr blog with a link back to your blog for all the links to the tutorials. My readers like origami and paper folding DIYs.

    1. Thanks trueblue, I appreciate the share. Yes, #1 and #4 are probably the simplest. I'm pretty sure I would have trouble making #6, but it's so nice I had to include it.

  3. what a great assortment of stars. I've made some of the 3D folded stars before or at least they look like the ones I've made

  4. Thanks for all the links Ann. They all look fabulous.

  5. Ah, thanks for the tutorial and the happy Thanksgiving wishes. Thank you for all you do on your lovely paper blog. I really enjoy it and am grateful for you too!

  6. Ann,I love the stars and the links. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family....may it be a safe enjoyable weekend.

  7. ive made puff stars at my home..ive combined two colors...such pretty's too cold outside so ive made some activities with my paper airplanes..


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