Pretty Paper Parties - Book Review

Two posts in one day... what's the world coming to?!

Chronicle Books recently sent along a copy of the new book called Pretty Paper Parties. Actually more of a kit, it's a collection of party prop templates and patterned papers designed by Vana Chupp, the author of Silhouette Art. Included in the envelope-style folder are forty 9 x 11 inch, tear-out sheets of paper, ready-to-cut templates, and a little instruction booklet to help you produce a festive and trendy party in no time. Fun for wedding photo booths, birthday parties and baby showers, there are bow tie, mustache, and oversized eyeglasses templates, cupcake flags, Mr. and Mrs. signs, mini-pennant cake bunting, scalloped chain garland, and more.


Quite honestly if you're an avid design/lifestyle blog reader, you may already be familiar with quite a few of these ideas, but it's convenient to have them gathered in one place. The paper sheets are beautiful quality with a different pattern on each side. You'll find popular chevrons, dots and honeycombs to mention just a few of the designs. Use them with the templates or for any number of other projects... there's nothing like a stack of pretty papers to get the wheels turning!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Good to know. Thanks for reviewing it, Ann. Yeah, I agree about pretty papers getting the wheels turning. That's great that some are included in this book.


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