Welcome Sponsors - PaperPhine and Artist in LA LA Land

It's time once again for the monthly sponsor post... pretty pictures ahead!

Linda Thalmann of PaperPhine continues to come up with cool things to make with paper twine. She stocks beautiful colors in varied weights and can advise you on what type will be best for the project you have in mind.


The twines and yarns are great for gift-wrapping, bow-making, flower making, knotting, crocheting... or maybe you'll come up with something entirely new! I'm excited about paper twine kits that are coming soon.


These rings are sure to attract attention. In the photo above, the fine paper yarn is crafted over a vintage button. And the one below is delicately structured and playful.


The PaperPhine shop
The PaperPhine blog

Need a Valentine? Quick like a bunny squirrel, hop on over to Artist in LA LA Land! [shop has closed; new website]


Melissa Kojima's paper play shop will save you a trip to the store... just print out one of her unique retro-vintage, woodland animal cards for your mate.


In addition to art cards, you'll find DIY paper puppets and paper mache art dolls.

Paper Puppet Birthday Card

Most of the items are printable pdfs for you to make as many as you wish. They're perfect for party favors, holidays, children and those who are kids at heart.

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