Monday, March 11, 2013

Anatoly Vorobyev - Papercutout

A paper art poster by Anatoly Vorobyev caught my eye in an Etsy email. Many of his hand cut pieces are elegant and subdued. I admire the precise effort that went into this damask-inspired deer head and moth around a light!



A progress shot for this bold inkblot shows the way he first sketches a design by hand before cutting it.


Many of Anatoly's works are a nod to the sea although he resides in Novosibirsk, Russia, far from the coast.


 Look at the way these stylized waves seem to roll across the paper!


This lovely white sea coral is perhaps my favorite of the pieces I show here. Composed of pinholes, it had to have been tedious work, but the result is oh-so-worthwhile.


Anatoly also makes paper cut cards, such as this botanical series with a pretty fern and leaves.


Hand rolled flowers are part of a larger display.


Even paper rosettes, as created by Anatoly, are sophisticated.


His Etsy shop is Papercutout and he is also on Flickr.

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