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Karin Eisele of Germany is an absolute whiz when it comes to making beautiful decorations from paper twine and paper yarn. Unfurling and manipulating the twisted paper results in an impressive array of possibilities.

Paper Twine Fantasy Flower

I came across Karin's blog Paperilla [edit: now set to private]and found myself scrolling all the way to the beginning. A bit like being in a candy shop, there were so many projects I wanted to share, but have limited my choices to springtime creations (for now!)

Paper Twine Butterflies

Karin told me she's enjoyed working with paper yarn for the past ten years and has used it to create many different types of flowers, garlands, and seasonal decorations.

White Paper Twine Flower

She teaches classes and writes project instructions. Karin's shop on DaWanda, Starpoint, ships Finnish paper twine supplies, kits, and how-to manuals throughout Germany.

Paper Yarn Rabbits Centerpiece

Her book of various paper yarn projects is titled Kunterbuntes aus Papiergarn. It features fourteen seasonal designs.

Paper Yarn Daffodil String Lights

I never would have thought plain, twisted paper could result in a display of handsome Easter rabbits or this gorgeous daffodil garland!

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