LCX: Yulia Brodskaya Paper Quilling Art Exhibition

While the dimensional paper art of Yulia Brodskaya has become very familiar to many of us who follow her work online, it will be viewed by a new audience beginning this Friday at LCX, a premium fashion store in Hong Kong that frequently hosts art events.


A shopping bag brimming with colorful purchases was designed by Yulia, a London-based Russian illustrator and graphic designer, specifically for this exhibition that runs from April 11 through May 31.


As Yulia says in the show's opening statement, she's very excited to showcase her work. The exhibit is a combination of original paper art, large scale animated prints, and 3D installations. Some of the largest pieces will be displayed as an 80 meter Art Walk Corridor.


Located on Level 3 of the Ocean Terminal in Harbour City, the exhibition is sponsored by Polytrade Paper Corporation Limited. There will be an art demonstration and chat session with Yulia on Friday, April 12 from 7-8 PM.


She has been in Hong Kong in recent days readying the exhibit.


Excuse the reflections on a few of these shots that were shared by Yulia's husband on Facebook, but if you're like me, you'll marvel at the scale of her work. I had no idea the pieces were so large!


With any luck there will be additional exhibition photos in the days ahead, but for now, check out the BIG decorations and installations [edit: no longer available] Yulia created for the 2013 Spring Festival at Daning, a shopping center in Shanghai.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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