Paper Twine Knit Bangles + More!

I can't begin this post without saying my thoughts are with everyone affected by the enormous tragedy in Boston and send heartfelt wishes for healing to all.

Today we have the monthly feature in which I share the latest designs from All Thing Paper's lovely and loyal sponsors.

Sarah Yakawonis of Yakawonis Quilling on Etsy created this stylized poster with lots of detail... a cut paper peacock with quilled tail feathers, mounted on a hand drawn background. Everything in her shop is 20% off during a Spring Sale.


Sarah has a new series of customizable art prints that would be very nice wedding and first anniversary (think paper) gifts. See examples of all of the prints on her blog.


Linda Thalmann of PaperPhine just launched a kit that includes all necessities to make these playful, chunky knit bangles. So cute.


As Linda says in the intro, "No knitting skills are required and they are a very addictive hobby, we need to warn you." You choose the colors and there's also an introductory shipping offer. It's a good thing refill kits are available too!


Linda features shop updates and other paper artists on her blog.

Melissa Kojima, the Artist in LA LA Land, designs printable, retro woodland animal cards for all occasions. This birthday greeting features an articulated squirrel puppet - wearing a party hat, of course. The big gift box is a blank card for you to add a personal message.


Perhaps a dapper gentleman lion printable card would be right for your dad on Fathers Day? Melissa has Mother's Day covered too.


She welcomes custom requests and recently designed a wedding invitation based on her woodland squirrel card. See it on her blog.

A little something extra to bring a smile today.... here's a series of very short Paper Because videos from paper manufacturer Domtar and the Eric Mower + Associates ad agency. You might recall a previous batch of office-themed Paper Because commercials. The focus of this new series is to highlight ways paper is still important on the home front. If I had to choose, Bridal Shower is my favorite, just sayin'.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. The Peacock looks Awesome !!!
    and the paper twines ..recently i bought these twines from works ..i tried little bit of filigree with them ..they yield a crocheted texture
    i couldnt get bright colors ..these bangles look very lovely ...

  2. The paper bangles look so tempting

  3. Thanks so much for posting, Ann! I'm so impressed with the knitted bangles. I'm tempted to buy the kit or give it as a gift to my nieces. I really appreciate you writing the feature about my paper play shop and thanks for mentioning the custom wedding invitations!

  4. Oh my gosh I LOVE that peacock!!!!!!!! The paper twine has so many possibilities too and that squirrel just cracks me up!

  5. Thanks for the write-up - and yes, I promise that no knitting skills are required for our DIY Paper Twine Bangles!

  6. Sarah's peacock looks great. The bangles look pretty and colourful. Beautiful shops.

  7. I have a weakness for anything stationery, so love the 'articulated' card! And the idea of giving paper art as a 1st anniversary gift is great! (That 'Bridal Shower' video is so fun. :-) )

    1. Hee! Am glad you liked the video - I thought it was fun too.


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