Sculpted Paper Dresses - Georgia Karanika-Karaindrou

I was delighted to be contacted by Georgia Karanika-Karaindrou (Facebook) about the ethereal dresses and fashion accessories she creates. Many are currently on exhibit in Kolonaki, a neighborhood in central Athens, Greece.

paper dress and hat


Titled Report to Work, the paper sculptures can be seen at The Gallery Skoufa through April 27.

lighted paper dress with butterflies attached on wires

Georgia doesn't speak English and I don't speak Greek, but thanks to translation assistance, I learned that she studied fashion design and has much experience in making clothes.

red and white polka dot sculpted paper dress with hat


Georgia's latest work is this collection of paper garments with fabric accents for which she used techniques gained from sewing and sculptural studies.

white full skirted sculpted paper dress

detail of white paper dress

She uses many different materials including oil and tempera paints to enhance the dresses and hats. Some are adorned with flowers, butterflies, feathers, and kites.

paper hat with kite ornament and blue organdy ribbon on brim

white and pink full skirt sculpted paper dress

The beautifully lit photographs convey movement, allowing Georgia's original creations to spring to life.

sculpted white paper dress with red paper rose at waist

First dress photographed by Constantine Tzempelikos.
All other images by Yiota Koul.

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  1. Sihariteria Georgia, yia ta polli orea sou erga.
    Licia Politis
    Sydney, Australia

  2. So pretty her sculpted paper dresses are!!!. The pictures look like water colour paintings.


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