New Quilled Designs by Papergraphic

I visited Natasha Molatkova's site PaperGraphic recently to see the latest. She continues to impress with paper art designs created for advertisements, book covers, and magazines. Each makes me think of a drawing brought to life, thanks to dimension provided by on-edge paper strips placed perfectly so.

quilled frog
Brazilian Tree Frog for a book cover

Like Yulia Brodskaya, Natasha's technique is flawless with every strip serving a purpose. She adds just the right amount of interest with the addition of a colored background.

quilled pyramids
Pyramid for a textbook cover
quilled dinosaur

Neuron for a book cover

Natasha is from Novosibirsk, Siberia and lives in England. She studied graphic design at a Russian university, but while earning a graduate degree in fashion, textiles, clothing construction, and surface design in Worcester, came across paper quilling and was fascinated.

quilled dodo

quilled dinosaur
Dodo and Dinosaur - cover of Accounting and Business UK magazine

Rather than using typical quilling paper, Natasha cuts strips from cardstock and glues each one in place along its entire length. All of her work is done completely by hand.

quilled man
Man - pharmaceutical company international advertising for a new drug

quilled lily pad
Lily Pad - Brazilian Victoria Amazonica book cover

See more of Natasha's work at PaperGraphic. She is represented by Blasco Creative Artists.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Can't stop admiring her work. Amazing amazing work and so very inspiring.Thank you so much for sharing Ann.

  2. Impressive variety of designs. Wonderful work.

  3. Stunning and very inspirig....Thanks for sharing Ann....

  4. My! My fork dropped when I saw this! This is just breathtaking!

  5. That frog! I like the money backgrounds on the dodo and the dino, too!

  6. Breathtaking! Thank you for sharing.I love them all, particularly the neuron and the man for pharmaceutical company (I adore Lisa Nilsson's and Sarah Yakawonis' anatomical quilling).

  7. These are fantastic! My granddaughter would love the proton and I love the frog!!

  8. Honestly, I have scrolled down throughout this blog. And Kudos for it is very fascinating to see each projects you post here. I am a fashion blogger but instantly, I want to have a paper craft blog like yours! God bless!


  9. Amazing, as always! Neurons never looked so good. :-)


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