Paper Jewelry From Laura des Villes Laura des Champs

Perhaps you'll remember the lovely paper jewelry from Laura des Villes Laura des Champs... tiny cottages, windmills, and birdhouses, just to name a few of the whimsical designs. 

Paper House Necklace

Laura & Médéric, young designers in Paris, have created these hand-assembled pretties from recycled paper that is treated with an environmentally friendly, shockproof, and UV resistant coating. I can vouch for the fact that even though the pieces look delicate, they are surprisingly resilient and waterproof.

Geometric Paper Necklace

I received an email from the company's publicist in which I was asked if I would help to spread the word about Laura des Villes Laura des Champs again... my pleasure, of course! Who would refuse the offer of a piece from their stylish geometric collection?

Mirage Paper Necklace

I was delighted to receive this graphic Mirage necklace. It features neutral colors, an industrial vibe, and certainly looks three dimensional, but no, your eyes deceive you! It is completely flat with a shiny finish... definitely one of those pieces to enjoy wearing again and again. A lovely gift for any paper lover or origami enthusiast; it will arrive in a chic folded box with silver lettering.

Geometric Paper Bracelets

The laser cut pretties come in your choice of pastel or bright colors. Dear folded paper boats, bird earrings, and carousels will have you reminiscing about childhood's carefree summer days. The silver or gold plated findings are very nice quality.

Carousel Paper Necklace

The new geometric line includes bracelets and brooches, as well as quite a few necklaces. I think this black and gold pendant is especially stunning.

Black and Gold Geometric Paper Necklace

Visit the Laura des Villes Laura des Champs Etsy shop.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. laura's jewellery is just so stylish and elegant!! how interesting the mirage certainly doesn't look flat!! good luck to laura with her jewellery...very classy indeed!!

  2. Some really lovely pieces here. (I also like that white dress.)

  3. Wow! This stunningly beautiful. It's a fine piece of work. Love the cottages and carousels. Thank you for sharing, Ann.

  4. My favourite is the carousel paper necklace.

  5. They're all so beautiful! That mirage necklace is amazing!

  6. awesome, awesome, awesome...just LOVE paper minatures


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