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I was introduced to the paper maché art of Melanie Ann Mercado in an interesting way... an ad agency in London rather desperately inquired about needing a half dozen oversized paper maché rugby balls for a photo shoot - pronto. Lions (!) would be involved; the balls needed to be non-toxic and durable so they wouldn't be instantly destroyed... yes, there are surprising requests even in the world of humble paper.

Paper Mache Can-Can Dress

I put out a plea on the ATP Facebook page and Melanie, who lives in New York, replied that she was up to the challenge which, of course, led me to check out her often whimsical work. In the end, shipping the balls overseas in such a short time frame was out of the question... thick paper maché simply doesn't dry quickly. (By the way, let me know if you ever come across the ad - I'd love to see it!)

Paper Mache Art Doll

Melanie has always been creative and as a young child enjoyed using found items to make whatever she imagined. Even the name of her M Ann M Creations shop [no longer open] and blog is clever - M Ann M Creations. (think candy :)) She especially enjoys designing one-of-a-kind folk art items, such as expressive art dolls, hot air balloons, and jack-in-the-boxes. The detailing is impressive.

paper maché boots

Melanie has done many different crafts, but making things with paper is her favorite. For a time, she created a line of handmade greeting cards for Neiman Marcus, Papyrus, and other stores. Mel is completely self-taught, aside from tips learned online from supportive paper maché artists.

Paper Maché Hot Air Balloon

I told her I have the sense that she loves to make something different every time she creates and she agreed... few things make her happier than specific requests.

paisley paper dress

Melanie also sells her versatile creations at craft shows and has a handmade party goods store on Etsy called Watermelon Party.

Articulated Paper Art Doll

She hosts workshops in NYC from time to time, shares paper maché tutorials on her blog M Ann M Creations, and is on Facebook.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely review of M Ann M's work. She's also a sweetheart. I'm lucky enough to own one of her dolls. with a paper dress and sweet little paper shawl.

  2. Her dolls are so beautiful ,the eyes are so expressive.

  3. These are so awesome! I love how you found her. I wonder about that ad. I'd like to see it too.

  4. Great blog. This is truly someone who enjoys playing with paper. Thanks for the inspiration.


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