Paper Sculpture Birds - Plus More!

Today I'm launching a new feature called Wow Wednesday in which I'll gather favorite paper art and paper craft links I've come across, along with a photo from each. Some may have been shared on the All Things Paper Facebook page, but others will be brand new. Admittedly it might not be a weekly gig because whenever a giveaway is scheduled, it will launch on Wednesday instead.

So here we go...

Diana Beltran Herrera's flock of paper birds - caught in flight!


It's the right time of year to make hammered leaf prints [edit: link no longer available]. A how-to with lots of tips is on Build/Make/Craft/Bake.


This is so cool! Don't miss the Colossal post about fore-edge paintings that can only be seen when the book's gilded pages are fanned. The practice dates back as far as 1650!


Anna and Lene of PaperMatrix posted a tutorial and templates for a very neat 3D pine cone - apparently it's easier than their previous woven designs because the bottom is open a bit. I'll take them at their word until I get a chance to try it. And I will - they would make wonderful tree ornaments!


Lastly, how gorgeous is this Nest Lamp made by J. Antonio Palma of Spain?! The nest is rolled newsprint tubes and the egg is also paper.


Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Wow... that bird sculpture is amazing!

  2. What wowed me is the fanning book pages. Very cool!

  3. What a wonderful collection of paper finds!! That edge painting is just amazing!

  4. I really like the hammered leaf prints, and that bird is amazing. These are all beautiful projects!

  5. Ann, as if you didn't have enough online presence! Thanks for adding this - the hammered plant prints are stunning! - Karren

  6. Wow! Awesome! I like this new feature. I really want to try and make those cones!

  7. Thanks everyone, I'm glad you're excited about Wow Wednesday. Karren, right you are. :) Kidding... actually, this new series is a way to get back in the groove of posting each M, W, and F after slacking a little during the summer months.

  8. You always share the most amazing things! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. The sculpted bird looks amazing. Thanks for all the links Ann.


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