Wednesday, October 9, 2013

7 Remarkable Things Made with Paper

Whether it's paper art or paper craft that appeals most to you, here's an assortment of enticing work gathered from around the web the past couple of weeks.

Myriam Dion hand cuts actual newspaper pages, turning them into incredibly detailed lace-like paper art


Perhaps you remember Hannah Nunn's elegant cut paper lamps. Her brand new wallpaper collection is based on those same designs and it is lovely. 

From art to craft...

Go ahead... you know you've been wanting to make a faux deer head! Ty of Know and Tell Crafts shows how, step-by-step.


The Madame Citron blog is in French, but take a moment to put Google to work translating the DIY so you can make this pineapple tessellation. A downloadable template is provided. 

Tessellated Plant Wrapper DIY

Kate of Mini-eco shows how to create this pretty tessellated candle holder.


I have such a crush on Mr. Printables! Look at these 3D shaded letters he designed... print, fold, glue, and hang. Templates for the entire alphabet are available. 

And how beautiful are his changing skies gradient papers?
Perfect for wrapping small presents, I want to print a sheet of each... he says they don't even use a lot of ink!


What will you make first? I'm off to fire up my printer...


  1. Love those first two. The wallpaper is gorgeous (gray's in this season).

    1. Yes it is! We're seeing it more and more.

  2. I love the gradient papers and the tessellated candle holder!

  3. The lace newspaper is stunning! I wish I could make one but it would take me a year!

    1. Me too, Victoria! She's done so many different pieces... just amazing.

  4. These are all wonderful!!! Thanks for gathering them. I love Mr. Printable too....and by the's a woman who is the genius behind it! Olive is her name! She's awesome!!!

    1. Oh that's funny, Melissa... glad you told me, I had no idea! Yes, she is awesome!

  5. beautiful collection of projects, Ann. I especially love that tessellated candle holder! Your work is gorgeous, too!


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