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Perhaps you've come across Strictly Paper [no longer available] in your internet travels... a site that features a great array of paper creatives. I'd long been curious as to who is behind the magic curtain and via Twitter I had the chance to meet Jasmine Wilson, one of Strictly Paper's two owners. I was interested to learn she is a paper engineer and interactive designer for the Nickelodeon television network.

Mike the Knight's Castle

Jasmine has been in this self-created position for the past six years, specifically for and I asked her to tell us what her job entails...

Generally on the paper side of things, I create various crafts that will appeal to kids and help them to feel even more connected to the shows. I figure out how to design the item so that when a parent prints out the components, he/she won't find it too complicated to put together with their child.

I'm also an animator for the Nick App's DNT (Do Not Touch) Button (WE JUST WON AN EMMY!!) where essentially a child presses the button and funny or wacky animations happen on-screen. It's a super fun job I have to admit as I like solving puzzles and figuring things out.

I've always enjoyed crafts and love creating MASSIVE paper castles as puppet theaters for interactive play. I design the templates that can be affixed with a glue stick to various household items like juice and milk cartons, cereal and shoe boxes, and paper towel/toilet paper rolls. 

Umizoomi Numberland Castle

Jasmine studied multimedia and web design, and got her start with an internship at Later she began working full-time with Nick Jr. where she created graphic design elements and educational content printables for preschoolers - coloring pages, spot the differences, and connect the dots.  

These elements support Nick Jr's. on-air presence and we are the digital support. I've always had a knack for crafting and over time became more involved in designing 3D printables to complement our shows. The projects have become increasingly complex, and here I am today making really intricate, yet simplified crafts for parents to download and make with their children. 


Jasmine recently completed a set of templates for the newest Nick Jr. show, PAW Patrol.  

There are six pup characters, each with a specific role, so my producer and I decided to create their vehicles which are a very important part of the show. 


Puppet theater castles were our first attempt at going above and beyond with crafting for parents and children using recycled materials from around the house. I calculate and create patterns necessary to make each of the towers, walls, etc. so all the parent has to do is print the templates from our site. We like to add a special feature to each castle like a stained glass window or working drawbridge.

Dora's Enchanted Forest Castle

The biggest castle we've made to date is Dora's Enchanted Forest Castle which was a big deal since it had a huge premiere on TV. This castle is comprised of nine towers from either paper towel or toilet paper rolls, two cereal boxes for the ground, a shoe box, and three custom pieces made for the middle and top portions.


Daniel Scheibel is the co-owner of Strictly Paper with Jasmine; he manages the site's back end and maintenance. His day job, Jasmine told me, is manning projection mapping projects for Red Paper Heart, which are interactive art installations... in other words, he designs with code. Two very talented people!

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  1. Wow, these are fantastic! The idea of these being created from paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls is just amazing.

  2. How sweet !! These are so beautiful .It is truly a fun activity for kids .

  3. So awesome. I love that she takes care to make sure parents and kids can easily make them at home with recycled items.


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