Paper Orbs by Christine Kim - Nuit Blanche 2013

Christine Kim is a Toronto-based artist who works in illustration, cut paper collages, and installations. In October, her interactive Paper Orbs installation was a popular portion of the all-night contemporary art show, Nuit Blanche. Christine was happy to bring cut paper sculpture as a medium to this event as the materials used are generally more permanent... wood, plastic, and metal.

As with any installation, work began months ago with brainstorming sessions that resulted in wearable prototypes.

Star (black)
prototype I for Nuit Blanche installation: an intricately cut paper slot sculpture
photography - Don Toye, model - Eugene Kim
prototype II for Nuit Blanche installation: a folded 24"x36" sheet of paper
photography - Don Toye, model - Eunsung Yoon

Although these lovely structures were not used for Nuit Blanche 2013, Christine mentioned that perhaps this installation has a few more variations to explore in the future.

Preparations continued...



model making with Marcin Kedzior

From Christine's website: Paper Orbs begins the night as a massive origami sculpture which dissolves into thousands of paper helmets worn by visitors as they parade down University Avenue. 


As both a lantern and a center of gravity, the paper float pulls visitors in and encourages them to return throughout the night to experience the dissolution of the paper sculpture. The accumulated paper helmets disperse into scattered constellations that float along the street. The helmets also resonate with notions of patterned order and militaristic armour.


Not to mention wearable art is fun!

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