Paper Art Round Up

While I was quilling away on a Quaker marriage certificate recently (there's that scroll design again, but with slightly different colors; Carole Foster of Running Dog Letters did the beautiful calligraphy), I had the pleasant thought that even though there probably isn't a single person on my block - or even in my city - also rolling paper strips at any given moment...


...all we need to do to find others who share our interests is go online - how lucky are we to live in this day and age? So in that light, I've rounded up a few examples of people who spend their time working with paper - plus one surprising material.

Tissue origami brought to life. Yes, tissues! This incredible stop motion video, made by Japanese ad agency Dentsu for the Nepia paper company, needs to be seen to be believed. Read all about it on Laughing Squid; there's also a making-of video.

NYC-paper cutting-eiko-ojala

Perhaps you saw this graceful cut paper cityscape as it raced around the internet. Gorgeous colors! Estonian illustrator and graphic designer Eiko Ojala created it for the lobby of the Affina Hotel in Manhattan. There are many more images on his website

This next one is very fun... remember Justina Yang and her wonderful tessellated paper lamps and PANCAKE maps? Not long ago she came across some bark-like wrapping paper at an art supply store and knew immediately she had to 'bake' some paper croissants. I like the way she thinks.


And lastly.. not paper, but still fascinating. Mumbai jewelry company ORRA won the Best Platinum Jewellery of the Year Award for this cuff bracelet that features diamonds and platinum quilled coils. Inspired by sand dunes, the diamonds represent water lapping at sandy shores. Apparently platinum is quite pliable to work with, but even so, impressive!


Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Thanks for the feature! I love your writing. When I was "baking" the croissant, I did wonder whether it was similar to quilling (which you do so wonderfully!).

  2. Wow, what a showcase. I know I'm going to be sending that video to friends!

  3. Thanks Justina, that's so nice of you to say, and Queen, I'm glad you enjoyed the video.

  4. Love your elegant swirls in this new colours. The video is amazing, and so is the paper cut.

  5. Whoa. I love that paper croissant SO MUCH! :)

  6. Breathtaking! Literally had to close my gaping maw. I love this collection you've amassed - yet again. My fave is the winding city silhouette - love the two-sided paper and how it helps contrast the skyline rich with details. Ann, you always make me fall down the rabbit hole and re-surface so much later - you enabler, you!

  7. Delightful, and amazing collection!!!!! TFS

  8. Thanks all! Cecelia, happy to enable. :)


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