Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Five Favorite Folded Paper Crafts

Ahh, we've entered the dog days of winter when it snows and snows (as opposed to the typical hot and steamy dog days of summer, you understand). January dog days are the kind when it's nice to hunker down somewhere cozy and think warm thoughts.


Perhaps while lazing about waiting for icy road conditions to improve, these paper craft projects will motivate you to plan a party - Valentine's Day is coming, so there's a goal.

Let's invite some guests... is there a more clever invitation than this pop-up house from Olive at Mr Printables? I don't think so!


A centerpiece on the buffet table is always nice. Kate from Kate's Creative Space made this simple/simply elegant altered book sculpture and brightened it immensely just by tucking in a couple of tulips. She wrapped the stems in damp paper towels to keep the blooms fresh for a few days. Contain the moisture with a bit of plastic wrap so the pages won't ripple before the party ends.

Riikka at Weekday Carnival shows how to make four more folded books. If your guests are the crafty type - or even if they aren't - they might enjoy book folding as a party activity. You could even do a little contest... who will come up with the most impressive design?


A garland of accordion fold globe lights would make any occasion more festive. Kate at Minieco shows how to make 'em.


Heather of Rhymes with Magic folded these pretty origami hearts from plain and patterned papers. Make some to scatter on the table. They're a little tricky, but she links to a video tutorial.... I don't know about you, but seeing someone do the actual folding always seems to help.


Feeling inspired? I hope so. And take heart... spring will be here before we know it. Won't it? Oh please!


  1. ann...i hope spring isnt far off for you! love the inspirational pieces to brighten up ones day!

  2. LOVE the invite! And yay for Heather 's hearts. She does such beautiful work.

  3. Thanks for sharing all the links Ann. The pop up house invite is such a clever idea , I am tempted to try it out.

  4. >>A garland of tessellated globe lights
    Corrugated, not tessellated;)

    1. now I have to look up tessellated

    2. Hi Maria, thanks for clarifying. I was under the impression a repetitive pattern of mountain and valley folds would be a tessellation, no? I've been googling without complete success and hope you'll have time to explain.

  5. Spring is just around the daffodils are coming up...already (Salem, Oregon)! Winter is such a great time to create and that book with the tulips is calling me to a get together with friends!!! TFS

    1. Daffodils coming up already - so jealous! We're in the deep freeze here.

  6. Just yesterday I was thinking I needed to search for an origami heart pattern ... and you provided. I might make a couple of the other crafts as well. Love the snuggle dog even though I am a cat person.

    1. Have fun crafting, kitblu. And thanks about Otto; he's a sweetie.

  7. So much to love in this pretty post, Ann! Those hearts are amazing. Great photo of your furry friend, too...makes me want to curl up with my own dog.


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