Paper Lighting Round Up: Fifti-Fifti + More

I've probably written a dozen posts on handmade paper lighting, but happily there are always creative artisans who come up with new ideas.


Fifti-Fifti [edit: now called Result Objects] is a design label in Berlin and Munich. Their first product is appropriately called Take-Off Light. The cool thing about it is that you get to decide on the finished look because it comes unassembled with sheets of laser cut paper and a metal frame.


That's right... you actually punch out triangles or dots in the pattern of your choice and adhere the sheets to the frame with included magnets. These lights are a dream come true for the DIYers among us who enjoy tedious, but totally rewarding projects. (Raising my hand!)

The results? Gorgeous.


You might recall the layered circles ornament tutorial by Allison Patrick of the 3Rs blog in New York City - it's one of the most pinned items from this blog. She recently expanded her artichoke pendant lamp Manhasset Collection that is based on the same design.


It now includes crossword puzzle, cartoon, children's book, and painted flower patterns. I think this beauty is my favorite.


Joanne Rich of Sculpted Light makes abstract lamps from Japanese handmade paper, bent reed, and found objects such as ferns, leaves, and feathers that she gathers near her home in Ontario, Canada. The unique lights can be hung with fishing line for a floating effect or displayed on a flat surface.


Diana in London owns Green Caligo [edit: site no longer available] that began as an edible cake decoration and cupcake topper business, but she has added nature-inspired paper crafts. Diana layers cut paper over translucent vellum to create pretty summer meadow luminaries.


Silvy Staly of Sofia, Bulgaria and Etsy shop Dolche Todolche [edit: the shop has closed] makes unique lamps from paper pulp. I especially like this asymmetric globe with a golden interior. It features a trio of tiny, hand cut stars.


If you'd like to check out some previous paper lighting features, have a look here, here, here, and here.

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