Paper Maché Ships & More: Ann Wood

Brooklyn artist Ann Wood draws, paints, and makes an assortment of one-of-a-kind, ethereal boats and birds that are snapped up by avid collectors.


A consummate repurposer, Ann uses salvaged fabric scraps, often culled from antique Edwardian garments, to make sails and clad the soft sculpture creatures who steer her handmade paper maché ships.


When she isn't making boats and dear leggy birds...


...Ann can be found writing and photographing step-by-step tutorials. You might recall her popular paper maché teacups and the instructions she shared so you can make your own. Ann recently mentioned more patterns will be available beginning in about two weeks time and later on, will offer ship supply packs. (yes! I'm a fan of paper craft kits) There will be one for Dream 2, the boat you see below...


...but meanwhile you can fill many hours by making a stampede of galloping cardboard horses via Ann's tutorial...


...or follow her instructions to create this little Mediterranean sailboat with a single sail. The supplies are so basic, it's a project you can jump into right away.


Keep up with Ann Wood's latest projects via her blog.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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