Layered Paper Sculptures - Maud Vantours

Whether this weekend you'll celebrate Independence Day and attend a parade...

Photography: Neirda Iwanowski
Set Design: Maud Vantours

pool party...


fireworks display...

 Guerlain SOLEIL

or just take a nap in the sun... 


do some gardening...


or head to the beach...


... I hope you'll take a moment to visit the website of French artist Maud Vantours. One of her beautifully repetitive sculptures that featured a rainbow of layered colors caught my eye on Pinterest - I was off faster than a firecracker to investigate!

Maud studied Design with a focus on Textiles and Materials Research, and says paper is a favorite material. She creates art pieces for major luxury lines as well as mass market brands and her work is shown internationally.

Maud Vantours is also on Facebook and Behance.

Fave Crafts is giving away a copy of All Things Paper - check it out! The giveaway ends July 7, 2014.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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